21 / 04 / 2010Can I trust agent Chris Brogan?

Chris Brogan constitue ‘LA’ Conférence très attendue de tous en ce 21 avril 2010 au #RDVWeb d’Infopresse. Comme j’ai twitté toute la journée les différents highlights des précédentes conférences, j’ai choisi de réserver celle-ci pour le blogue :) Et comme je suis pas mal certaine qu’il va nous parler de ‘trust agents’ en long et en large (surpris?), je me suis permise un jeu de mot bien facile avec mon titre…Jeu de mot et jeu de défi en fait, car comme tous ces grands noms qui nous ‘visitent’, j’aime bien sentir la personne derrière la pensée et le nouveau marketing qu’il vient nous vendre.

Je suis sûre de ne pas avoir la chance de commenter en même temps que j’écoute si je ne veux pas en perdre une miette, mais je vous propose au moins de vous rapporter ‘en direct’ les éléments clés que j’en retiens au fur et à mesure.
Bonne lecture!

Bon voilà les quelques mots de français viennent d’être sortis…on va pouvoir commencer ;)

Prez intro
Interesting times: something like a new recipe for which you have to build the restaurant…
…but nothing’s new: 100 years ago, I would tell you how the phone is great and your boss would deny saying why would we need the phone?
SM tools are the new phones…

Paper and pencil prez written in the plane…never gives a prez twice…(can I trust that one U think? ;)

the tools don’t matter, Twitter, FB,…they’re already obsolete, no bike ever won the tour de France!

Beware: friends are not leads because leads lead to business (but still, for what I know Chris regularly invites everyone to connect on LinkedIN via @Chrisbrogan)
so the real Q is where are U making your money?
don’t get tricked: Newspaper people don’t make money on content but on advertising
(reminds me of a recent post he made on his blogue about business models analysing some of his)
So U wonder: What true lead generation means for example? Old style effective lead generation…
Showing the top left buttons on his site, Chris asks: do U make your site direct on the real call to actions?
Content marketing based on writing interesting content to interest people in my business and leads which can come from clients as well as from competitors & co-opetitors = Outposts
Reach out to the outposts!
Social web time: if you have 2 hours to devote to it…split this 20-60-20 (half hour: for reading, 1 hour for connecting, last half hour for publishing)

What about Content?
your white paper is just as good as anyone else’s…and will be downloaded in a when I get time directory…
So! Make it portable to be shared as often as it can and maybe read/seen/listened to…
Q: What do mafia and Walmart have in common? – A: Distribution and circumventing its systems
Sharable content is a matter of distribution: distribution of your Web ‘tiny stamp’ to get a share of other’s Web real estates…
In that perspective: email is still in, becauze still most effective distribution channel…yes and inherently ‘portable’…

Chris gives Montreal community some advice:
-flag your content outside of your bubble
-light up the location! : very hard to find this (Infopresse) event on the Web even with google translation…
-Julien Smith is co-author of ‘Trust agents’… and a Montrealer known outside
-Cirque du Soleil understood that and is a great example/model

It’s all about favors and respect…which U know already… but how does it work?
We buy from people that we like: the people we do business with are more important in the business decision than the $$
Sexy data
“U live or die by Ur DATABASE” quote from former associate at Vodaphone
Nurture your DB daily…or it will be hard to ask favors…ex. wish Happy Birthday to your FB friends on any platform but FB where they won’t expect it…to add value to the little attention…these details build the relationships and are all the more true with SM! It’s a SOCIAL web…

Q&A at the end:
Q-content format?
A-Great kind of Highlander Q: can there be only one? Crhis adds #Nerdjoke…
A-very rare occasions where U can only do one sort and win since search crawlers need something to do during the day…

and as a final word in French…Merci!

Conclusion? On peut avoir confiance que Chris Brogan est un bon agent de conférence!! :))

Je remercie Sylvain Sénécal et la Chaire de commerce électronique RBC Groupe Financier de HEC Montréal, de m’avoir permis d’assister à cette journée de conférence Infopresse.