9 / 05 / 2013Évaluation des interfaces persuasives (Alexandra Nemery à UxPA QC)

Université de Lorraine Université de Lorraine

UxPA Québec (à l’époque Utilisabilité Québec) avait eu l’honneur d’accueillir son directeur de thèse, Éric Brangier, à peu près à cette même époque l’an dernier pour nous présenter les travaux d’Alexandra Nemery, et ce soir, nous avons eu Alexandra en personne! 🙂

C’est au laboratoire CITÉ de l’Université de Montréal (un beau merci à notre cybermom Aude Dufresne!), et dans une ambiance chaleureuse avec un petit verre de vin à la main (merci à imarklab!), que nous avons eu le plaisir d’écouter la conférence d’Alexandra, qui nous partageait son kit de départ pour orienter la conception et permettre l’évaluation du degré de persuasion d’une interface.

Mais qu’est-ce qu’une interface persuasive, me demandez-vous?

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25 / 10 / 2012À l’ère du Web social, les sites Internet peuvent-ils nous influencer?

Cet article est paru dans la section Chroniques de l’édition d’Octobre 2012 du magazine Direction Informatique. Tel qu’indiqué dans les nouvelles d’imarklab, son propos repose sur ma réflexion doctorale combinée à ma pratique d’ergonomie des interfaces, et vise à illustrer comment l’ergonomie cognitive peut soutenir l’influence interpersonnelle à l’ère du Web social.

1 / 03 / 2012Design de persuasion: influencer une génération qui carbure à l’influence sociale

Matériel présenté lors de la conférence Infopresse du 29 février 2012: Jeunes: Génération Y et Z

28 / 07 / 2009Mood maps

“The diagram above describes the emotional ups and downs identified by study participants as part of the design exercise conducted during in-home visits with participants. Note that the location of the study is less relevant than the importance of observing the participants in the most likely context in which they will engage in their experience with the brand’s product or service. During the exercise, participants are asked to name each of the phases they went through from framing their problem through exploration and finally (hopefully) problem solving, and to then assign a corresponding emotion to each phase.”

This paragraph describes an ethnographic-based approach to use as an intermediary step and deliverable to building personas.

Remember that Personas are not documents but “the process of engaging with users” (Jared Spool, 2008) itself to understand and develop empathy to their context of use. I love the following analogy to explain the difference:

Read the full article written by Will Evans on July 27th, 2009 in the Johnny Holland Magazine (Johnny is an open collective talking, sharing and finding answers about the interaction between people and products, systems or processes.)

16 / 07 / 2009Social Network Websites: Best Practices and Design Guidelines from Leading Services

Here is an excellent ppt to present best practices for designing social networks.

A good complement to this presentation is the following list of Social Network Design Guidelines, published by Cameron Chapman from Smashing Magazine on July 13th, 2009.

1. Engage Quickly
What’s It For?
Give Visitors Something To Do
Promote Interesting Content From Friends
Make It Easy To Find Friends

2. Let Users Express Themselves
Profile Pages Should Promote Personal Expression
Promoting Individuality In Applications

3. Be Dynamic
Have Regularly-Changing Content
Update Content in Real-Time

4. Allow Friends To Be Grouped
Let Users Define Groups
Create Automatic Groups

5. Use OpenSocial
Provide More Applications To Users
Let Users Take Their Profiles Anywhere

6. Make It Easy To Communicate
Provide Multiple Means Of Communication
Foster Conversations

7. Show Only Relevant Information
What Really Needs To Be Here?
Don’t Overwhelm Your Users
Give Users The Ability To Filter

8. Make It Easy To Take Action
Emphasize The Desired Response
Make It Easy To Find Things

9. Show Avatar Photos
People Like Seeing Other People

10. Include Ways For Members To Connect
Include User Groups
Provide A Member Directory

Further Resources
Social design best practices

Applications of usability principles on a social network

Article twitted by Dr Yuping Liu, Marketing Professor at Old Dominion University, Norfolk VA (to check a list of her publications)

9 / 05 / 2009Both stories are incomplete…

“The underlying problem is that design is a holistic discipline while data-analysis, applied dogmatically, is a reductive discipline.”

“The interplay of all disciplines (engineering, design, research, marketing, sales, QA, product, legal, customer care, etc) is where the magic happens.”

Please read the whole/old debate of “Why Data and Design Need Each Other” by Tom Chi from the OK/Cancel blog, following Doug Bowman’s departure from Google for Twitter which sparked a lot of heated discussion this week.

9 / 01 / 200910 most common misconceptions about UX design

An excellent reminder article to start the year fresh and new!

Here is the complete list of misconceptions:

User experience design is NOT…

1. …user interface design
2. …a step in the process
3. …about technology
4. …just about usability
5. …just about the user
6. …expensive
7. …easy
8. …the role of one person or department
9. …a single discipline
10….a choice

And my favorites among the ten goes like this:

5. …just about the user??!
The biggest misconception of UX design is the “U”. There are a set of business objectives that are needing to be met. We just can’t always do what is best for the users. As user experience designers we have to find the sweet spot between the user’s needs and the business goals, and furthermore ensure that the design is on brand.

8. …the role of one person or department??!
At best, it’s a common awareness, a thread that ties together people from different disciplines who care about good design, and who realize that today’s increasingly complex design challenges require the synthesis of different varieties of design expertise.

10….a choice??!
Nobody sets out to achieve a bad design as a goal. It’s always a risk. Bad designs and bad experiences happen. The most common flaw, according to Jared Spool from UIE, is that companies think “good experience design is an add-on, not a base requirement.”

26 / 10 / 2008Design quotes

“I didn’t get into design to be an artist. To me, an artist creates things to evoke emotion. Being a designer goes a step further than that, not only trying to evoke emotion but trying to make a reaction. It is very objective-driven, and that’s what makes it interesting.”

Quote by Mike Davidson, selected by Atom Ant in her blog :: O Design e a Ergonomia :: (About Design and Ergonomics).

Previous posts with quotes in 2006 and 2007 which still receive clicks in 2008!

25 / 09 / 2008Typography as texture of a Web page design

“Type dances on the page, which is why I think of type as a gazelle: always swift, capable of running at high speeds and jumping high.”
Dr Mario R. Garcia, Sept. 2008

Go check this typos basics video from The Mario blog.

Found on the new PoynterOnline Beta.

9 / 06 / 2008"There will be blood" : Chris Bernard describes social media impact on design

A presentation given by Chris bernard, Designer at Microsoft at the “Got Social Media” conference, a while ago in Houston (Jan.2008). I just stumbled upon it among the recently added stuff in the Catalyze Resource Library!

Witty, humorous, designful and with as much marketing and technological perspective! What else do we need? The design slides serie using the egg as the basis to describe the process stages and distinctions is a gem!

Enjoy! 🙂

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